Service tenet

Our mission statement:After sale, we will improve modularity, standardization, timeliness and good quality.
Service process

一,Pre-technical communication

1Project consulting - demand process applied to put forward the technical requirements, technical exchanges to experience exchange project cases, successful cases site visit to sample simulation test, optimized configuration scheme to provide solutions。

二,Interim training guide

1,After the installation and debugging of normal production, the site leader is identified
2,The on-the-spot operation side theory training, the personnel that is trained to operate on their own, supervise the appraisal
3,It is difficult to solve q&a practice.
4,The training and other reports will be confirmed by the on-site staff.

三,Long-term after sales maintenance

1,After receiving the customer's notice when the system is abnormal, the oral technical communication can not be solved immediately, the customer site will be solved within 24 hours.
2,Software lifetime free long-term upgrade maintenance and training (software without functional added testing).
3,Hardware, machinery and other warranties shall be maintained after expiration (non-human or natural disasters).
4,All the after-sales shall be supervised by the special persons for regular technical training and regular maintenance.


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