Machine Learning

1, machine learning, we mainly provide engineering, statistics, training, assessment, forecast and model establishment, and other functions, the main application areas are: expert system, cognitive modeling, planning and problem solving, data mining, network information service, image recognition, fault diagnosis, natural language understanding, robots and game, etc
2, the product function
Efficient data processing
Parallel distributed data processing components, can quickly complete the complex data pretreatment process, support for data cleaning, replacement, composition, sampling, such as to weight, split operation.
Easy to use model training
Simple configuration can complete model training and evaluation, neural network and logistic regression LR, depth within DNN, Kmeans clustering, the LDA model, a variety of models such as collaborative filtering CF training.
Strong model predictions
Support for high concurrency online predictions and mass offline predictions to meet your different usage scenarios.
Professional consultation service
The powerful machine learning expert team provides you with guidance and end-to-end solutions.
3, product advantage
The operation is simple
Through the process of feature engineering, model training, model assessment and forecasting service, the drag-and-drop operation enables you to master machine learning technology easily.
Strong performance
The algorithm has been optimized for many years, the performance is extreme, the distributed, full memory cluster provides powerful computing power.
Algorithm is rich
It carries multiple classification, clustering, regression, theme model and recommendation algorithm, and supports advanced learning, online learning, bayesian recommendation and other algorithms.
Perfect solutions
Provide digital advertising marketing, recommendation system, equipment failure forecast and other complete solutions to solve your actual business problems.

Machine learning

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