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The three-dimensional structure of the real world is not only a powerful tool for display, but also a bridge between reality and virtual reality. 3 d computer vision technology is a kind of information, pictures, video, and various depth sensor use the mathematical tools such as geometry, statistics and optimization in the real world for 3 d modeling technology. Such as 3 d pictures using computer vision technology is closely related to daily life of media information, so the technology will be a 3 d display, location and one of the important technology in the field of human-computer interaction, such as application. IDL's 3D group has already made preliminary results in two technologies.
2, and 3 d reconstruction based on image photo is an indispensable part of People's Daily life and it records in a memorable moment at the same time, also recorded the taken part of the content structure information. Using these structural information, the three-dimensional structure of the subject can be restored through multiple images taken from different perspectives. This technology, which is rapidly evolving and popularizing mobile platforms, will greatly expand the way that ordinary users get interested information. As a result of the three-dimensional structure is calculated at the same time, we also got these photos when the camera's spatial position, direction and therefore can be used without GPS positioning information such as the existence of the indoor and outdoor positioning. Will 3 d technology and based on image rendering technology, the combination of between discrete photos can also generate a series of virtual photos, can produce the result that rival video play continuously, let more vivid memories.
3, the high precision modeling precision model based on depth information not only can be used for the display of objects, can also be used for 3 d printing and special effects, etc., so the high precision model has important application in both industrial and entertainment. We can now use a laser range finder and access equipment acquisition depth information, and through the scanning point cloud splicing technology is the object's 3 d point cloud, finally based on point cloud using surface reconstruction technology is available for the computer to map and the surface of the illumination rendering model. Believe that after our efforts, these technologies will soon be able to meet with you and add more fun to your life!
4, 3 d reconstruction based on RGB - the Depth, in recent years, with the development of 3 d Depth imaging technology (such as the structure light and time of light), there are more and more light consumption level Depth camera (Microsoft access, asus Xtion Pro Live, Intel RealSense, Google Tango), predictable Depth cameras will be mobile equipment standard, more and more come into our lives. The depth camera provides 3d distance information, which enables real-time reconstruction of the real 3d world by calculating the location and orientation of the deep camera in real time. The combination of a color camera and a deep camera can fully recreate the colorful reality of the three-dimensional world. Based on rgs-depth image, we study real-time 3d objects and scene reconstruction, SLAM, rapid and efficient loop detection and loop closing technology, and implement a real-time reconstruction system. Based on RGB - even if the Depth reconstruction can achieve real-time 3 d object modeling, 3 d indoor maps to create and positioning, and connecting with the rendering technique is applied to 3 d display (commodity, scenario), real-time indoor in virtual reality and augmented reality application.
Based on image positioning technology, in the public indoor environment that lacks GPS information, the positioning technology for individual users has broad commercial application prospect. Unlike solutions based on WIFI or Bluetooth, image-based positioning techniques have advantages such as low cost, high precision, and no need to change the existing structure of the scene. More important, the technology can estimate the user taken photos in 3 d scene gesture, very suitable for the late of vision based augmented reality applications, such as naturally superposition and display advertising, etc.
In a typical application environment such as a mall, we need to scan the entire store environment in advance to obtain a three-dimensional structure information and image database. When the user through the phone when a mall environment photos, we can place recognition and 3 d camera pose estimation technology for users precise position and direction of the camera.
Augmented Reality (AR) Augmented Reality
The reality is the world we see, hear and touch. The world is in accordance with certain physical rules, such as the world in three dimensions, anything that conforms to perspective, and the simple way of saying is that it's very much smaller and so on. We can through the camera collection and calculation for the current scene three-dimensional logical relationship, and on this basis, the increase in conformity with the rules of physical things, people, etc., this is the augmented reality.
Augmented reality connects reality and distance. With the floating AR icon, we can take us from the background of the paper money to the remote landscape of guilin, where the scenery of the landscape and the human food are in sight.
We provide real-time, stable tracking technology that seamlessly connects virtual objects to reality and offers a different experience from reality.
Augmented reality can also make life easier for humans, for example, when we don't have to go to a restaurant, we can see a three-dimensional picture of a dish, and we can put forward a list. For example, we don't have to go to the island of saipan to know the beautiful scenery there.
Augmented reality provides human beings with the opportunity to realize their dreams and provide a more efficient and convenient way of life.

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