Wisdom Parking

1, "modern city treasure land, traffic flow like water, no parking," therefore we developed the automatic warehouse plane moving class, fully automatic warehouse stacker, lift move transversely, single, vertical circulation, and other types of solid wisdom parking visual identification system.
2, drivers or travel before attending, can get the destination around the parking lot, booking their own parking Spaces, parking and told time, parking planning, such as no parking space, change the way to travel or other ways.
3, the parking lot can accelerate the turnover of the parking space by knowing the empty car bit information at a certain point of time.
4,When the parking lot is idle, you can announce the availability of empty car bit information or favorable information and activity information.
5,To implement the urban intelligent parking system (transport, integrated management); The internal speed parking system (guide traffic, uniform distribution); Rapid off-field system (vehicle positioning, convenient hunting); More convenient and practical intelligent parking systems such as parking booking and VIP functions (online booking, automatic management).
6, we developed the characteristics of intelligent parking system, which will reduce the large cost of wiring construction, etc., and make the connection equipment arrangement more flexible. A smart "brain" can be used to map out the corresponding relationship between the unit and the guide screen, and detect the status of the patrol equipment online. The inducement screen can customize information, one screen multi-function etc. Large data centers are uploaded to the cloud platform for subsequent functionality and more.

Three-dimensional intelligent parking garage recognition system integration1

Three-dimensional intelligent parking garage recognition system integration2

Three-dimensional intelligent parking garage recognition system integration3

Three-dimensional intelligent parking garage recognition system integration4

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