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Medical equipment and production line application

1. Detection of syringe needle scale short vision system for automatic detection method of the syringe needle scale the films a calibration standard product image as a calibration standard images stored in the computer, will be a ratio with the different calibration standard image for testing parameters, according to user requirements set different testing parameters detection accuracy and acceptable range, triggered by external control signal and real-time described in the cameras images of the syringe needle tube running scale, and the image of the transmission to the computer for the detection, computer through image processing algorithm and extract the syringe needle scale images, and the scale difference calculation, by calculating the difference of scale to judge the product belongs to the qualified products or waste, through external trigger and control signal will be remove waste from the designated discharge port
Disposable needles can be divided into two parts: pins and needles, and the main effect of quality is on the needle. There are two types of defects in the needle part: the tip of the needle is likely to produce a burr in the process of making the needle; Second, the needle may produce putting phenomenon in the process of automatic assembly is inserted needle (parts), putting not only direct influence on the quality of the product, serious word will harm to people's life.
2. The disposable needle demand increases unceasingly, and customer requirements for product quality, make more and more medical device manufacturers adopt automatic needle detection system, comprehensive detection of the appearance of the disposable needle defects. This method can not only improve production efficiency and product quality, has solved the artificial method is of low efficiency, slow speed, and is conditioned by testing personnel subjective uncertainty of error checking and leak, achieve better 100% products on-line detection, drug packaging, medicine bottles, labels, can detect liquid preparation of filling liquid level, the impurities inside the bottle and the cap quality, capsule, cover drugs lack of grain size of unqualified, the effect of outer packing code of pharmaceutical products and packaging carton tank full and quantity detection, etc. Since drugs reflective surface is very strong, colour and shape of the drug is the most main is diversiform, testing content is wide, including packing, liquid level, impurity, surface scratch, packing, etc., to detect when the need to root testing content and shape feature to select high-speed camera lens and lighting light source, etc.
The filling level test
Test the filling level of liquid preparation, whether the height is uniform, the bottle cap and other test. Can accurately detect the filling liquid level height, when the liquid level height is beyond the scope of setting tolerance, give a bad product signals, excluding agency put the bad product out.
Check the outer packing of medical products
On the drug package, the product itself and will print the barcode on the label so that enterprises establish product tracking system, to achieve the requirement of the enterprise product barcode information can be gathered. The machine vision system has excellent ability of reading codes, which can accurately and quickly read the characters of various packaging materials and be able to judge whether there are errors or not.
A test for the absence of a pill
Testing drugs, missing, fragments. Can be used for detecting the appearance of the drug, the surface defect detection and counting algorithm to carry on the comprehensive analysis, such as quickly and accurately detect the defect in packaging, is missing, to the finished product to ensure drug quality and waste to reliable separation.
In the objectification of various Chinese traditional Chinese medicine, machine vision can be more comprehensive in response to facial condition, which conforms to the traditional Chinese medicine. The collection and preservation of color diagnostic images are of good use value. It can make full use of computer resources to realize color examination image display, processing, analysis, storage, management, etc. With great flexibility, it can also facilitate the upgrading of hardware and software, and improve the performance of the system.

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