Non-standard products

Application of fuse equipment and production line

Identify the qualified products, character, lid integrity, broken wire, wire deformation, the extent of the terminal bend, assembling long, terminal and feet or split, empty, empty, shell burrs, dirt, scratch, size, solder joints, colors, matching, defect recognition: camera assembly, the assembly process Each component integrity detection: whether point into the solder paste on copper; The integrity of the ball; Whether the silk is correct, the assembly is missing; (plastic columns) are they complete? Is the fuse intact (deformed, broken...) ; There are scratches or dirt on the copper pieces. To assemble the product surface integrity character recognition (character specification is different, the visual system have each character specification template switching), a transparent cover color is correct; The plastic column is complete and whether it is welded or not
Requirements: stable, high precision, low vibration, etc.
Article 1, filiform. Early primitive type fuse, directly with screw lock, for various sizes of old switch and socket.
The car is VICFUSE
Flake (naked). Easier to use than the old silk.
Glass tube. There are several different sizes, common in electronic products.
6.3 x 32 mm (diameter x length)
5 x 20 mm
4, ceramic tubes. There are several different shapes and sizes to avoid bursting glass.
Plastic sheeted metal strip: automobile fuse.
Surface then component (SMD) type
7, the cylinder shape, plug-in: direct welding in the circuit boards, internal ‪ for product and so on

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