Non-standard products

Relay equipment and production line application

1, contact spacing flexible detection line
Contact spacing X-ray flexible detection line
3, pin check system equipment
4, character detection system equipment
Such as:
Relay contact distance detection system is in front of the relay sealing shell assembly, to shoot imaging of contact, whether reed horizontal or vertical each other, and then measure the relay contact minimum distance. The system has high precision, can reach one silk, the detection speed can reach 3 each second. Because of the use of visual non-contact measurement, it is fast and accurate to realize the test of each product on the production line, and change the situation of the production of the relay.
Non-contact measurement, with fast and accurate measurement of each product on the production line;
The speed of measurement is 2 per second, reaching up to 5 per second.
The system has the modeling learning capability, the replacement of the product model only by modeling learning, no reprogramming;
It has the target dynamic tracking function, which requires low repeatability of relay measurement.
Adopt target magnifying functions to adjust to subtle differences in small contact points;

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