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Character calibration OCV development and enterprise equipment and production line applications

A detailed description
Optical character validation, OCV for short, is a kind of used to examine the optical character recognition (OCR) string mark or print quality and confirm its easy identification of machine vision software tools. The technology in addition to the string presented can check the content is correct, you can also check the quality of the string, contrast and resolution, and the quality tag or rejecting unqualified samples.
Technical characteristics
The OCR software is used to read the literal strings and try to read the poor quality and damaged text to guess the nearest data. In addition, the OCV software can check the quality and confirm the easy identification of the text. The most common application of this check is to confirm whether the printed date/batch quality is qualified, and whether it is easy to identify when a product is recalled
An OCV software with a typeface is a template that is stored in it with acceptable text quality levels, which makes the text easy to verify. In any OCV visual software on a rotating error text, image brightness change, broken pen and omissions, as well as to the similar words (and 0 and 8 B, O or O and D, etc.) to distinguish the processing power of all have higher requirements.
Application field
Using one of the important applications of OCV is to date/batch number of validation (including printed on the label or marking on the packaging and product directly), applicable to the pharmaceutical, medical equipment, cosmetics and other consumer goods packaging.

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