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The equipment and production line of hardware and equipment are tested

To identify the surface integrity, dent, gap, grain direction... The equipment is required to be stable and the range of objects is small.
The Angle of thread inverted Angle is not the length of the thread and the total length/automatic mechanism
Requirement: automatic reverse, precise positioning, stable vibration small, subgrade removal mechanism speed requirement.
Characteristics match the product specification, location, offset.
The diameter is equal to the other.
To be able to accurately determine the dimensions, azimuth, curvature, size, Angle or diameter of the processed parts. The powerful edge choice mechanism is intuitive and easy to adjust, and can measure the clutter of images to ensure robustness. Machine vision, besides has the advanced function also can realize automatic measurement of the parallel to the side, so as to provide a method to measure thickness of flat or curved objects, as well as the precise positioning method of Angle
Technical features positioning technology based on geometric feature matching, translation to 1/40 pixel, and repeated positioning precision rotating 0.01 degrees, ratio of 0.1 to 10 times, positioning result is not affected by the outside light, without defects, the influence of complex background.
Support for interface industrial cameras such as USB2.0 / GigE with up to three cameras.
Provide 8 channel input and 8 output GPIO for connection with machine and PLC.
Human-machine interface design is characterized by human nature, simplicity and flexibility. In the process, you need to simply set and not be programmed. Users can master the simple training. Industrial-scale compact encapsulation, suitable for relatively hostile environment.
Application fields such as automobile manufacturing, pharmaceutical, packaging, printing, hardware, relay, micro-motor, food, electronic components, LED lights, car accessories such as extensive and in-depth application in the production assembly.
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