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Several selection criteria for the use of light sources by machine vision

Longevity: light sources generally need continuous use. To keep the image processing consistent, the visual system must guarantee consistent images for long periods of time.
Contrast: contrast is important for machine vision. The application of machine vision lighting is the most important tasks that need to be observed the characteristics and needs to be ignored of maximum contrast between image features, which is easy to distinguish. Contrast is defined as the amount of grayscale between the features and the surrounding areas. Good lighting should be able to ensure that the characteristics you need to detect are highlighted in other contexts.
Spectral characteristics: the color of the light source and the color of the object's surface determine the size and wavelength of the light energy reflected to the camera. White light or a particular spectrum may be important when extracting characteristic information from other colors. When analyzing multi-color characteristics, color temperature is a more important factor when selecting light source.
Brightness: when choosing two sources of light, the best option is to choose the brighter one. Three bad things can happen when the light isn't bright enough. First, the camera's signal-to-noise ratio is not enough; Because the brightness of the illuminant is not enough, the contrast of the image is not enough, the possibility of the noise on the image increases. Second, the brightness of the illuminant is not enough, must enlarge aperture, thereby reduce the depth of field. In addition, when the light is not bright enough, natural light and other random light have the greatest impact on the system.
Light source uniformity: uneven light can cause uneven reflection. There are three aspects of even sexual relationships.
In the field of view, the field of camera vision should be uniform. Simply put, the dark area in the image is a lack of reflected light, and the highlight here is that the reflection is too strong.
Uneven light causes more light in parts of the field than any other area. This causes the surface of the object to be reflected inhomogenous (assuming that the reflection of the light on the surface of the object is the same).
A uniform light source will compensate for the Angle of the surface of the object, even though the geometry of the surface of the object is different, and the reflection of the light source is uniform in all parts.

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