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Stereoscopic vision method, which belongs to multiple eyes or binocular vision

More stereo vision method, belongs to the head or binocular vision, with two or more cameras images taken from different positions, the object is obtained by the triangle range finding principle of three dimensional size. The drawback is that the device is complex and requires matching points between multiple images.
Optical flow method: when the target movement in front of the camera or camera movement, in a fixed environment can get corresponding image change, these changes can be used to restore (get) relative motion between the camera and target as well as the relationship between multiple targets in the scene. And in particular, we're going to find the surface orientation by solving the equation of light flow. This method has certain limitations, image are required to have enough sampling density, at the same time every point in the image plane of the gray level change should be completely is caused by the image in the pattern of movement, should not include the effects of reflection properties change. The drawback is that you need to control the lighting or object movement and the conditions are harsh and the scope is narrow.
Brightness stereo method: monocular vision, the basic principle is in the same condition, the light surface toward different corresponding to different gray level is reflected in the images of the equation. Due to the reflection map equation a morbid equation, so under the condition of different illumination image is obtained by transform the light source, can be solved by using the reflection map equations toward the surface, the three dimensions are calculated. The ideal scenario for the application is that the image source and camera are infinitely far away, and the surface of the object is uniformly diffuse, and the ideal reflection equation is available. The surface of the object is a smooth surface, and the surface of the object is known for its height.
Shadow method: it is a simple and feasible method, which is the basic principle of a single eye, and the basic principle of imaging, but no need to control the light source. This method requires additional constraints such as uniqueness, continuity (surface, shape), compatibility (such as symmetry, polar) to solve the reflection map equation, then the three dimensional size. The ideal situation is the same as the brightness stereo method.
Texture method: it is a single eye that USES the texture of the surface of the object to determine the surface orientation and then restore the shape of the surface. In image transmission in the process of projection, the texture of the original structure is likely to change, this change varies with surface texture is heading, and with the surface orientation information. The texture is clear, uniform and fixed.
With research institutions and researchers further in-depth study of related companies, 3 d vision of this high-tech technology potential will be great to play out, its application field also will more and more widely.

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