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There are three things we need to focus on visually

Visual and software functions are fully functional
The software functions of the general integrated machine vision system include communication control, human-computer interface and other tools. The visual function is the main part, including calibration, positioning, and/or no detection, character recognition, bar code recognition, color analysis and other tools. While some of these features are not included in some integrated machine vision systems, the functionality we need to use must be included.
The performance of visual tools can meet our requirements
The same visual tools, different manufacturers may implement different principles, and performance is different. We can think of ways to test comparisons. Such as the positioning function, we can use to test the change of the following conditions to compare, observe different products under the conditions of change which stability is strong, more higher score values.
When rotating parts
The change of the optical measuring device
The light condition disagrees
The parts of the parts are covered in part
(3) visual and software tools are easy to use
Some visual function parameter Settings and software simple and clear, it is very convenient to use pneumatic love, there are some products of visual function parameter Settings and software complex, some parameters even there is no clear meaning, use rise more trouble.
Product stability
The stability of the product is also a major concern in engineering, which can only be known through actual testing and multiple consultations. In general, we can observe the repeatability of visual detection, whether there is an overload protection, whether the long work is dropped, the interface is reliable and so on.
Is it easy to integrate
It can by investigating the appearance of the product structure is easy to install, software is flexible and convenient to use, interface function is complete, product manuals and documentation are detailed.
3. The ratio of
4. Technical support
When evaluating a integrated machine vision system, the important benefit of the doubt is to choose a can provide a wide range of product support and training service providers, this will greatly affect our application development cycle and the application of success or failure.

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