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We will focus set force on the following niche: all kinds of fasteners, instrument parts, clutch parts, relays, oil cooler, bearings, transmission parts, transmission parts, chassis parts, valve parts, friction plate, HDD mechanism parts, miniature contactor, semiconductor device parts, spark plug parts, engine cylinder head, brake parts, new energy battery, general fuse, miniature circuit boards, and so on precision parts of the industry, and to meet user requirements, the application of segment for image detection is a very important market. Our performance in the domestic auto market has been growing since last year, and the future will be a very important market. This year we will focus on the application of vision technology in auto parts production. In addition, the power battery welding for new energy vehicles is also a market we are working on, with the following:
Auto parts nondestructive testing system design, production, services, auto parts (piston rod, wheels, bearings, pin, cylinder liner, roller, etc.), DR automated real-time digital imaging detection system equipment. Auto parts is used to detect the cracks, porosity, loose, or on the material mixing, hardness, the depth of hardening layer, soft point, decarburization, such as testing, or the accuracy of measurement of the size of parts inspection, appearance size and other automation system. Solutions to auto parts after machining, heat treatment and finish machining and so on May be quality, safety or high value-added products, including automotive, power system, transmission system, chassis and engine safety system components and bearings and bearing parts, fasteners, forging, casting, metal parts, etc Provide to satisfy different customer's "customization service", to meet user requirements, the application of subdivision of the standard parts.
• identify
Standard one-dimensional code, qr code decoding
Optical character recognition (OCR) and validation (OCV)
• detection
Color and flaw detection
Testing of welder integrity
Testing of parts or parts
Target location and direction
• measurement
The size and capacity
The measure of the preset mark, such as the distance from the hole to the hole
• guide
The output space coordinate guides the manipulator to locate accurately

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