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YXTTECH(Xiamen)Information Technology CO.,LTD Founded in the international city beautiful xiamen software park three times.

We focus on the high-end wisdom information technology research and development, involving the combination of big data, software, sensor, displacement, measurement, laser, robot, iot composite layer "brain" perception with relevant supporting hardware integrated application of a sophisticated new tech enterprise, as in all areas Provide intelligent automation and machine vision and machine learning and development applications.

We focus on the global field of vision, vision, excellence, integrity, win-win, dedicated, professional, innovation, truly for the customer to provide quality service and first-class technical solutions, creating high quality products with high added value


We learn from harvard professor Richard and a professor at Stanford university athos long-term enterprise long-term research results for the us < < Mackenzie 7 s > > theory structure, innovation of the combination of its own resources and the environment changes and change management of art.


We draw on the "demand advantage" -mckenzie, which innovates the art of business that combines changes in our resources and changes in our environment.


To develop and master the core technology, we will develop a talent team with international vision, strategic thinking and professional ability.


Create high-end wisdom information technology research and development center team building, software, sensor, displacement, measurement, laser, cloud computing, big data, information security industry, wisdom city and information service, intelligent manufacture, the cultivating of new forms, new generation information network infrastructure construction, information and communication technologies open cooperation platform construction, personnel training, etc.

Shareholding structure design system

The whole staff (company platform + shareholder/partner) has been evaluated by the company's stock, direct trade union committee, image (xiamen) investment holding.

Pay structure design system

Performance appraisal, the unity, almighty in liability, form let, sucker, perfect salary, allowances, benefits and commissions, bonuses, dividends and share placements optimization system.

Technical application range

1、2D and 3D and multivision system equipment and production line applications

These visual tasks?

* The robot guides the assembly or welding

* Confirm the correct location of the parts or assemblies

* Calculate the quantity of weld, gear, slot or other parts

* Read barcode, 2-dimensional matrix codes, or print characters

* Implement critical dimension measurements

* Inspect surface defects before painting

* Determine the position, diameter and roundness of the hole

* The integrity and consistency of the check beads or gaskets

* Communication with the third party device (such as robots, PLC, HMI, and remote memory)……

2、Sensor, displacement, measurement, laser, cloud computing, big data, information security industry and wisdom city, intelligent manufacturing and information services, cultivating of new forms, new generation information infrastructure construction of network application

3、Deep learning, transfer learning, computer vision, target detection etc

4、Three-dimensional intelligent parking garage recognition system integration application

5、Other high-end information technology applications

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