Industrial-grade 2D and 3D vision systems

The general introduction of the industrial grade 2D and 3D vision system:
1, the evaluation of a Visual system focused on capture image analysis software, and in the image after ripping off by a machine vision system, then is the need for image processing, analysis and corresponding decision, and software support focus is to support the richness of image algorithm, algorithm, after all, is a highly professional technical ability to deploy the system or the vision system we have professional team, a good software system should be relatively simple ways are available to machine vision system field for image authentication mechanism, if more advanced secondary development demand, also can provide such as C, Visual Basic development resources, convenient for later verified custom machine vision function development.
For machine vision deployment project, project integration rate we will be a high priority, the permanent or integration solutions, a variety of package machine vision analysis algorithm to the integration and system engineers can quickly construct prototype system for the function verification, confirmed after the completion of machine vision functional development can only be in the follow-up system optimization fine-tuning, has the support of technology and system integration software solutions, integrated school can accelerate, shorten the development time.
Algorithm accuracy, stability, supportive and effectiveness is our core, another review is focused on solutions provided by the algorithm precision and supportive, that is to say, to understand characteristics of software tools can be measured accurately objects or parts, or even to achieve sub-pixel precision grade level, especially the accuracy and stability of the software, to avoid late computer image takes too much resources analysis the invalid as a result, the hoisting system of the image is more precision of the algorithm on calculation efficiency is more important. Other we also can offer multiple fabric image algorithm function template, such as image for the strengthening of image optimization tools, such as filtering tools, improve the edge sharpness, remove noise/miscellaneous points, etc., or through the calibration tool, further improve the camera and the lens position error problem caused by nonlinear Angle, in terms of practicality, we can provide the actual image analysis measurement units, directly into regular data output ability, such as mm, mu m numerical, rather than directly output analysis pixels.
So you algorithm evaluation is also choose the focus of the different system platforms, selection of machine vision system, the general accuracy, difficulty of integration will be important considerations, but the two is the key, also need the algorithm of computing performance included in the request, because with the production speed faster and faster, the machine vision also can ascend along with the production speed will also keep up with the speed analysis verification, according to the new production requirement.
2, we (image) industrial-grade 2D and 3D vision system support standardized five key points:
(1) anyone can use a cutting-edge algorithm;
(2) anyone can achieve rapid start and long-term use;
(3) it is easy to operate with rich product array and easy to maintain;
(4) the types of software that can be selected according to the application category: functional, specialized, standard, flagship, high-end, etc.
(5) the system has precision, stability, support and efficiency.
3, our core application category 3 d vision system is mainly used in robot, its characteristics and use of 3 d vision can be used with industrial robots, robot can also be used alone as detection, monitoring, measurement, control unit using:
(1) measuring object 3D shape, distance, size;
(2) using high-speed industrial cameras, 30 to 30,000 frames per second;
(3) using two to 320 cameras according to special requirements;
(4) the standard interface, such as USB, can be customized according to customer's requirements.
(5) the number, size, and arrangement of the camera for the use of the occasion and the size of the object;
(6) maximum accuracy: 0.001 mm;
(7) the special lenses, such as infrared, are applied to special occasions;
(8) the size of the object in the form of a special software;
(9) the operating interface is simple and clear, with a touch screen.
(10), the application case of welding robot, painting robot, glue coating machine, stamping handling robot, production lines, product testing, automatic machine vision;
(11) the maximum magnification can be up to 1000 times more than the maximum magnification of an industrial microscope.
(12) applications in food, hardware, electronics, chemicals, machinery, optics, plastics and other industries.
Four, the robot 3D visual guidance solution mainly has four functions:
(1), guiding and positioning, visual positioning accurately machine vision system can quickly find measured parts and confirm its position, and material using machine vision to locate, guide the mechanical arm accurately grasping. In the field of semiconductor packaging, equipment need to be adjusted to machine vision chip location information of pick up head, accurate pick up chips and binding, it's a visual positioning the basic application in the field of machine vision industry.
(2) and the appearance test: the quality problem of the product on the test line is also the most artificial part. In the field of medicine, the main test of machine vision is the measurement of size, defect detection of bottle body, bottle shoulder defect detection, bottle mouth detection, etc.
(3) high precision detection: some products have higher precision, reaching 0.01 ~ 0.02 m even to the u level, the human eye cannot detect the need to use the machine to complete.
(4) recognition is the use of machine vision to process, analyze and understand images in order to identify targets and objects of different patterns. Data can be traced and collected, and there are more applications in auto parts, food and medicine. Robot vision is the most important robot awareness function with its large amount of information and information.
With the development of machine vision, future new industry applications may emerge. It is likely that the logistics industry, especially the 3D vision, will be involved in industrial production. Civil service may need more experience, the difficulty lies in the environmental variability is large, the algorithm of the redundancy requirements higher, civilian applications will mainly come from consumer products.

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